The Problem with Labeling Vials

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Product Spotlight for June 9, 2019

Do your labels look like this! Are you having a vial labeling problem?

Is the problem your adhesive? It is the facesheet? Maybe both?

This picture is all to familiar in the world of labeling vials, ampules, or small circular products. Throw in  cold temperature storage requirements and it can be even harder to maintain labels.

How good is your label memory?

Don’t worry, we are going to quiz you. We mean your actually label. Typically, the memory in the facestock is stronger than the adhesive. The label wants to return to its original flat assistance (or memory.)  Over time this causes labels to flag. Flagging is that really annoying thing that happens when a part of your label turn up and doesn’t stick down anymore. It is usually a corner. We hate that!

Surprisingly, the answer is not a stronger adhesive. The solution is a thinner facesheet.

PaladinID has developed a BOPP facesheet that is perfectly designed for labeling small circular surfaces without flagging.  We use a cryo-adhesive that stand up to  -80 degrees. Is that cold enough for you? It also has a thinner facesheet that is very successful in securing labels to vials.

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