Using Bar Codes to Pay for Things From Your Phone

Do you still call people with your phone? We all text, take pictures, set reminders, track our steps, play games, and buy things from our phone. Have you ever used a bar code to buy something [...]

Nutrition Facts Label Reboot

A Tale of Two Labels — The Nutrition Facts label that you may read when buying packaged foods or preparing a meal has undergone a makeover. It’s been updated by the U.S. Food and Drug [...]

How to Choose The Right Label Supplier

If you purchase bar code labels and tags, there are some things you should keep in mind on how to choose the right label supplier.  We want to share with you, our customers and associates, some [...]

Wrap Up Of The 2017 DMNE Show In Boston

Here’s a wrap up of the 2017 DMNE Show in Boston.  We had a great show last week but it was very exhausting.   I want to thank my vendors for the support they have given me last week.  [...]

Patti Blessing with Alien Technology

Patti Blessing with Alien Technology at the Show! Patti Blessing with Alien Technology will be joining us at the Design & Manufacturing New England Show, May 3-4, booth #1033 in Boston!  [...]

RFID Event in Boston, May 3-4, 2017

RFID Event in Boston, May 3-4, 2017 If you live in New England and are not able to attend the RFID Journal Live event in Phoenix, AZ, we have some exciting news.  PaladinID, LLC will be [...]

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