Solving: Expand Bar Code Capabilities with RFID
PaladinID receives Alien Academy RFID certification!

Alien and PaladinID CEOs meet at Alien Solutions Center in Dayton

PaladinID receives Alien Academy RFID certification!

Imagine a simple product label being able to tell the entire product story in real time.  Using radio frequency identification (RFID), one can track a product from point of manufacture & packaging through the supply chain to the consumer.  RFID is becoming the industry standard for product identification, real-time inventory tracking and authentication.

Dana Ritchie, CEO of PaladinID recognizes the growing trend towards integrating RFID into supply chain tracking and is adding RFID-embedded bar code labels to its product offerings. PaladinID, a New England bar code supply, is investing substantial resources to incorporate RFID sensors into product labels for their BioTech and BioMed clients.

Attending the Fall 2017 session of Alien Academy, PaladinID’s Dana Ritchie met with Alien Technology CEO Leiping Lai, to discuss the emergence of RFID for inventory management, chain of custody, product authentication and verification.   “I see the future in RFID in Pharma and BioTech – and it looms large” commented Lai, during the conversation between the CEOs.

PaladinID is working with Alien Technology to incorporate RFID-readers, antenna and RFID-enabled printers into PaladinID’s hardware offerings.   For Ritchie, who has been providing bar code labels and bar code solutions for the biotech and biomedical industry sectors for over thirty years, “it’s a natural fit – with RFID, it’s like putting bar codes on steroids!”.

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