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So, you need to integrate an RFID label solution into your operation. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have helped many companies just like yours figure out exactly what they need (and don’t need) in order to make this as seamless as possible while saving time and money.

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The following is a list of things to consider and determine so that we can build the perfect RFID solution for you.


What size label does your customer need?

  • Label width & length – please ask what the min & max size your customer needs, along with their ideal size. We may need to alter size a bit depending on the inlay that best fits your customer’s application.
  • Label carrier & repeat – with RFID, the label carrier & / or repeat may need to be adjusted due to inlay PET size & / or end user’s printer requirements.


Has your customer already done any testing with inlays to verify which inlay will work best in their application?

YES – what inlay?


  • What are the maximum and minimum dimensions of the tag?
  • What read distance do you need?
  • What will the tags be applied to?


Does your customer plan on encoding/imprinting the labels themselves, or would you like us to provide this service?

If the customer is doing the encoding, are they using a printer or handheld?

If a printer is doing the encoding, please provide both make and model. Certain printers require specific inlay placement and have minimum pitch requirements.


Do you need any static flexographic print on your label?

If you are able to provide the artwork up front so that our art dept can review that would be helpful.


What type of label/tag do you need?

  • Paper / Synthetic
  • Adhesive or Tag with no Adhesive
    • If we are making a pressure sensitive label, what type of adhesive do you need?
  • How long do you want your label to last?
    • What type of surface will the tags be applied to?
    • Any special temperature requirements?


If you have any finishing requirements, please let us know:

  • Roll qty
  • Core ID / OD
  • Perf / No Perf
  • Specific number of rolls per carton

The Wrap Up

We hope this helps prepare you for what you need to know to integrate RFID into your process. If this is your first RFID application it is best to bring in an experienced Systems Integrator, like PaladinID, to help layout the framework for the project and offer guidelines on what type of solutions should be considered.

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