Solving: Are Your Label Printers Working to their Full Potential?

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Are your label printers doing everything you need them to do and are your label printers working to their full potential?

The phrase “a fresh pair of eyes” is defined as having another person to examine something closely in addition to anyone previously involved in the task.

Whenever I have a chance to walk through my customers’ facilities, it’s interesting to see production processes in action. While manufacturers take great pride in acquiring new state-of-the-art equipment, it’s also important to support these investments with complementary workflow improvements. So often, habitual manufacturing practices remain in place, even after equipment or the production flow is upgraded or changed.

When I am on the road visiting customers and calling on potential customers, I always try to get a plant tour. It is amazing how many things you see and hear when you talk to people on the manufacturing floor. I learn a great deal about my customers needs, and I am able to share lessons learned and my experiences helping other companies solve similar problems.

Bursting Labels

Recently, I visited a customer who purchases a large amount of card stock and I was curious to see how they were using the product. I saw that it was being manually fan folded and separated (“bursted” is the term we use for this task). In speaking with the employee who was handling the card stock for this task, I inquired about how many hours a day she spent bursting these labels. She told me that it took her about 4 hours a day, 20 hours per week … ONE HALF of her salary was spent on manually creating these labels!  In this case, the company did NOT have their label printers working to their full potential.

When I asked her how she’d feel about having the label printer automatically cut each label (card stock) individually, she looked at me and said, “that would be awesome, I could spend those four hours doing something more productive and getting to the rest of my job!”

I talked to upper management and explained my idea and they loved it. I brought in a printer to demonstrate the technology and after some setup and adjustments, the printer and cutter were installed on the shop floor and they were off to the races.

Improved Operations

Now instead of sitting there separating all of these labels, all the operator has to do is refill the printer with the card stock labels and occasionally replace a printer ribbons. The operators were thrilled with the solution and management was impressed with the improvement in productivity. They ended up purchasing two printers, one for production and one for backup. I felt good about helping streamline my customer’s production…and of course about selling two printers! Nothing like a win-win…

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