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Laser Product Labels

12/9 through 12/15 Weekly Special for December 9, 2019 Looking for laser product labels and tired of paying high prices at the office supply store? Does your company have low volume and distributed printing throughout your manufacturing plant? Laser product labels are perfect for you!  Take an additional 10% off at checkout using Coupon Code…

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Weekly Special: PaladinID Linerless Labels

Linerless Labels are on the Rise

Take 20% off your first order! By removing the liner on pressure sensitive labels you get 50% more labels on the roll. It also reduces shipping and storage costs. Think of your labels like a roll of Scotch Tape.  There is no liner on tape.  The labels are typically perfed at the specified size, or…

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Floodcoated Laser Labels

Floodcoated Laser Labels

For the week of Nov. 18, 2019 Assortment Of Colors For Your Laser Printer Do you use solid color laser labels? Take advantage of our weekly special on all floodcoated laser labels. Floodcoated laser labels are coated from edge to edge in a single color. All solid colored labels are considered floodcoated. These are becoming…

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Flexible Packaging: An Environment Friendly Packaging Option

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging might be the most convenient and environment friendly packaging option available. It is a win-win for both the manufacturer and consumer. It is the most convenient and easy-to-open for the consumer and the most efficient packaging solution for the product’s life cycle. PaladinID can help you make the switch to flexible and automated…

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Cannabis Labels: An Emerging Market

cannabis labels

What goes into great cannabis labels? The rise of cannabis legalization has made it an industry to pay attention to. Investors and entrepreneurs are excited about this emerging opportunity and so are label providers. There is a world of new sales opportunities for label and packaging distributors and PaladinID can help. Our specialities include helping…

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Barcode Scanning can Replace Paper Forms in Manufacturing

barcode scanning

Switching to barcode scanning can save the work of 3 full time employees.  Are you still using paper forms, pencils, and clipboards? An estimated 80% of small to mid-size manufacturing plants are still using paper forms and manual keyboard data entry to track inventory and manufacturing operations. The drawbacks to this manual system are twofold:…

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Do You Need Tamper-Evident Labels?

tamper-evident labels

What are Tamper-Evident Labels? Tamper-Evident labels are designed to show that an item is securely packaged and cannot be messed with. It will have one or more barriers of entry and provide visible evidence to a consumer that the product has been tampered with. For example, someone cannot open the package and remove the item to…

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Magnetic Labels Reduce Warehouse Organization Headaches

magnetic labels

How can magnetic labels help your warehouse become more organized? Does this sound familiar? You have new inventory coming in so space needs to be made on the shelf. You determine the right shelf but existing inventory has to be moved or shifted to make room. So, you have to peel the labels off on…

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Maybe A Label Set Might Be A Solution?

label set

What is a label set and where is it used? A label set is just what it sounds like:  A grouping of several labels together to make up one big label.  It is used when an application calls for several labels, typically different sizes and colors that are required for your product. For example, you…

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A New Clean Room Solution You Have Never Seen Before

Clean room solutions

Better Clean Room solutions are a growing concern in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Technology advances and new compliance requirements are forcing companies (in a good way) to ensure they have the best clean rooms possible. Tego Inc., the leading innovator and pioneer in the creation and deployment of intelligent assets, provides a clean room…

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