Inkjet Polyester Label

Durable High Quality Polyester Inkjet Labels This company needed a multi-color label that could be used outdoor and would last through a growing season.  The label had to be weather resistant and [...]

Digital Water Bottle Label

Digital Water Bottle Label This customer came to us seeking a better quality label that reflected the school’s image better than what they were currently using.  They currently were [...]

Hinged Product Labels

Hinged Product Labels This company needed instructions in 21 different languages on their product labels.  Making the label larger was not an option.  They opted to go with a relatively new [...]

Thermal Transfer Tag Stock

Thermal Transfer Tag Stock Application May Solve Your Issue! This company needed a thermal transfer tag stock to print variable information for their work in process procedure.  The best way to [...]

Laminated ID Cards

Need Laminated ID Cards? Did you know that PaladinID produces laminated ID cards for many different applications?  Almost every company uses ID cards for their employees.  We can produce almost [...]

Integrated Labels

Integrated labels are this “Week’s Special”.  Sometimes called label forms or shipping slips, this is where you run a form through a laser printer and within the form, there is [...]

High Quality Gloss Inkjet Labels

Looking For A High Gloss Color Label Solution? High quality gloss inkjet labels was the solution!  This company had very difficult label application to solve.  They needed to print many different [...]

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