On-Metal Readable RFID Labels

PaladinID introduces Cellotape Smart Products’ On-Metal Readable RFID Labels We’ve always been challenged when asked to apply RFID inlays to metal surfaces.  If you are looking for a [...]

Inkjet Polyester Label

Durable High Quality Polyester Inkjet Labels This company needed a multi-color label that could be used outdoor and would last through a growing season.  The label had to be weather resistant and [...]

Polyester Outdoor Label

Have An Application For A Polyester Outdoor Label? This company needed an outdoor label that would withstand the elements under a protective glass case.  As you can see, they need to print [...]

Pre-printed Outdoor Labels

Challenge:  This company needed pre-printed outdoor labels using multiple colors that would not fade. They came to PaladinID because we were the only label company that manufactures pre-printed [...]

Outdoor Meter Labels

Labels For Outdoor Meter Labels This company is in the electric meter business and needed a durable color outdoor meter label that could be printed with variable information using a thermal [...]

Outdoor Variable Imaged Label

Outdoor Variable Imaged Label This customer needed a durable outdoor variable imaged label with color that would be applied to an electrical appliance and had to last 10-15 years without fading.  [...]

New Outdoor Durable Labels!

We now have new outdoor durable labels!  I came across this news article about a company called Camcode who just did a press release about their new outside durable labels for the smart meter [...]

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