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RFID Tags that Can Be Sterilized: A Game Changer

RFID tags that can be sterilized

Product safety and sterilization standards are in the forefront of every manufacturing company’s mind. Pharmaceutical companies must adhere to stringent sterilization and safety standards. What if… What if you could attach or embed a tag or label to every single asset you had that would track everything about the item from creation until you were…

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RevealPrint Interview With PaladinID’s Dana Ritchie

PaladinID's Dana Ritchie

Find out why the PaladinID’s Dana Ritchie is so excited about RevealPrint and the Promat 2019 show in Chicago!  Amy: Hi, everyone. My name is Amy Zander and I am the content creator for PaladinID. I am interviewing owner, Dana Richie, on the upcoming Promat 2019 show in Chicago. So, Dana, I  understand that you…

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Thoughts On Promat 2019 in Chicago

RevealPrint With PaladinID

Are you going to Promat 2019 in Chicago? As I start my preparation for the nation’s largest distribution and supply chain trade show, Promat 2019 in Chicago April 8th-11th, it is exciting to see all of the new technology being presented. We will be showcasing RevealPrint by Virtual Graphics. Keep reading for more info. Find…

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Solving: Eliminate Errors while Simultaneously Labeling Thousands of Pipettes and Ampoules

labeling thousands of pipettes and ampoules

At PaladinID, we create barcode labels for specific applications.  As we’re seeing BioTech and Bio Med industries expand with barcode verification and authentication, we wanted to share this Case Study by Microscan where they face the challenges of labeling thousands of pipettes and ampoules.   In the laboratory environment, handling multiple pipettes and amoules, there…

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Solving: Eliminate Errors in Food Package Labeling

eliminate errors in food package labeling

At PaladinID, we create labels for specific applications that may eliminate errors in food package labeling.  As we’re seeing the Food & Beverage industry expand with barcode verification and authentication, we wanted to share this Case Study by Microscan. Error-Proofing Food Packaging Processes —A BARCODE CASE STUDY Often, as food manufacturers look to develop quick…

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LVS-7510 Print Quality Inspection System

LVS-7510 Print Quality Inspection System

The LVS-7510 print quality inspection system is for companies who need 100% verification on their labels not only on bar codes but text as well.  More and more companies are getting fined for poorly printed labels or for unreadable bar codes.  This is a perfect solution that integrates into a standard thermal transfer printer like…

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RFID Ecosystems

RFID Ecosystems Pioneer Michael Shabet

Introduction: I sat down with Michael (Mike) Shabet, an industry leader in enterprise RFID ecosystems to catch up with him on the state of RFID in source manufacturing in retail, and BOY did I learn a lot! Dana:  Mike, we’ve known each other a long time, and you’ve always been considered an RFID pioneer.  Why…

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Ward Kraft Ship Station

Duplexpackslip From PaladinID

Does your company ship products via FedEx or UPS?  If yes, we have a new solution for you.  PaladinID is pleased to announce the Ward Kraft Ship Station Solution using their patented DuplexPackSlip product.  This new system will revolutionize the way companies ship LTL by greatly reducing shipping errors and, as a result, saving time…

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Radio Frequency Data Collection Up And Running

Radio Frequency Identification

Our radio frequency data collection is up and running.  I have a customer who is on a very good growth curve for the foreseeable future. The problem they are faced with is that the inventory and order picking is all done by manually on clip boards. After these tasks are done, the hard copy paperwork…

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