Generic Cryogenic Adhesives Cost 60% Less!

Product Spotlight for May 12, 2019 – Tired of the high prices for your cold temperature labels?  We were too so we did something about it! PaladinID is now offering a new (what we are calling) [...]

SOLVING: Barcodes vs. RFID

Which is the Best Solution for Work-in-Progress (WIP) tracking? One of the questions that I am frequently asked is, “Barcodes vs. RFID: Should I use Barcodes or RFID to track my work in [...]

Solving: Eliminate Errors while Simultaneously Labeling Thousands of Pipettes and Ampoules

At PaladinID, we create barcode labels for specific applications.  As we’re seeing BioTech and Bio Med industries expand with barcode verification and authentication, we wanted to share this Case [...]

Automated Packaging

PaladinID Interview With In-Store Consulting Moderator: Christine Curtis Interviewee: Dana Ritchie Interview Topic: Enabling small food businesses to transition from manual to automated packaging [...]

Afinia Label SR250 Slitter Rewinder Matrix Remover

Afinia Label SR250 Slitter Rewinder Matrix Remover Would you like to increase your label printing capacity without adding printers or labor?  The Afinia SR250 slitter rewinder may be the answer. [...]

LabelOn 500 Mini Label Applicator

Portable Label Applicator Are you hand applying your product labels?  The LabelOn 500 Mini might be the solution.  This compact portable label applicator is for companies who hand apply labels in [...]

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