Cybra RFID Starter Kit

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The Cybra RFID Starter Kit

This RFID Starter Kit is designed to allow our clients to “dip their toes” in the waters of RFID tagging and labeling without making a huge investment in technology and hardware.  The kit consists of a Full Featured, Mobile RFID Device, with Docking Station, Cables and Batteries. The solution will have WiFi capability to record GPS coordinates of inventory, in remote locations. The kit also includes EdgeMicro Software to Encode RFID Tags, Seek&Find assets by item or attributes, and Record Inventory by Location along with a roll of 1,000 RFID labels.  No Server, no Cloud, no Client device.

We’ve Come a Long Way…

Think about how radio frequency technology has advanced from applications used in medical research, defense and technical engineering into real-world supply chains like retail, automotive, and pharmaceutical.  Adding RFID to existing barcode labels and tags enables instantaneous pick-and-pack reading, prevents mislabeled product from progressing through the system as well as validating and verifying multi-unit orders at the speed of light.  Maybe it sounds far-reaching, but at PaladinID, we are committed to making RFID solutions attainable, affordable, and available to small to mid-sized product manufacturers.

Our RFID Starter Kit will help our customers experiment with the technology, and enable  them to design virtually any type of Auto-ID document such as: labels, forms, RFID tags, and tickets.  Once you’ve used the kit to design the RFID embedded assets, you’ll learn how to print them on many types of general and specialized printers from laser to thermal to automated applicators.

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