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We have had a situation where the labels and ribbons were in spec for a customer, but the printer was burning through printheads well before their warranty was complete.  We discovered, after hours of testing, that some of the late model Zebra printers shipped from the factory with bent printhead brackets, causing a printhead alignment issue and prematurely burning through printheads.  We wrote an article and a complete solution for this problem.  Read more..

Over the past 10 years or so, we have discovered that the connection between the USB connector plug and the USB board was very weak.  We believe that there was not enough solder to make a strong connection.  When the Zebra printers are being moved around, that puts stress on the USB cable connection.  We have put together an adapter kit to replace your USB board and cable stay along with a special 90 degree USB pigtail cable that virtually eliminates this problem.  To date, we have not had a board get returned for repair after the customer added our adapter kit.  Read more…

Product Labels

The simple answer is yes.  You will need to use a non-paper label like a polypro or polyester label with an inkjet printer that uses pigmented inks.  There are two types of inks used in inkjet label printers, dye and pigmented inks.  Dye based ink give your very vibrant colors and are water soluble.  The pigmented inks are not as vibrant, but give you permanent long lasting inks that are waterproof and very chemical resistant.

Yes, we offer an entire suite of label products that comply with “Cleanroom” requirements and standards.  Please send us an email or give us a call to discuss your application and for label samples.

Yes, we have developed a flexographic ink, (ink that is used in the label manufacturing process) that has been tested by one of our customers and UL.  This means that this special outdoor ink can be applied to label that runs through a thermal transfer printer for on-demand, variable data label printing.  We are excited to offer this product which took over two years to develop.  To our knowledge, we are the only company to offer this type of performance.  There are many color choices available from Red, Cyan, Yellow and Green to name a few.

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